Concierge Level Yacht Management Services

Discover unparalleled concierge-level yacht management services for discerning yacht owners at Ghost Yachts. Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch expertise, ensuring your yacht is maintained to the highest standards while exceeding your expectations.

Maintenance and Repairs

Leave the upkeep of your yacht to our experienced management team, available 7 days a week. From routine maintenance and cleanings, to intricate repairs, our team is at your service so that your yacht remains in impeccable condition.

Financial Management

Effortlessly manage the financial aspects of your yacht with our transparent accounting and budgeting services. Our financial management reports keep you informed about the financial health of your yacht.

Interior Staging and Design

Our interior staging and design services elevate each vessel into a masterpiece of luxury. With meticulous attention to detail, we curate sophisticated interiors that combine elegance, comfort, and functionality.

Custom Services

Our team continuously adapts our services to your unique needs- from personalized experiences to celebrating a special event. As we continuously collaborate, just let us know, and Ghost Yachts will make it happen!

Charter Management

Unlock the potential revenue of your yacht with our comprehensive charter management services. We handle all aspects, including bookings and detailed itinerary planning, ensuring your yacht is in high demand throughout the year.

Concierge Level Care

Experience concierge level support with our team that can handle all of your yachting needs. From ensuring your laundry is done with care, to helping you plan your perfect event- we ensure every detail is seamlessly coordinated.